Parking at White Creek 

Student Parking and Transit  

Students will have access to ride the bus, pay to park in the visitor spaces or park in nearby “any valid parking” areas in research park.

Bus RouteRoute 3  starts at the Memorial Student Center, stops near Sbisa/Fish Pond and continues to White Creek – travel time is approximately 15 minutes one way. Route 3 additionally stops at Beutel Health Center, the Wehner Building, TIPS and NCTM, and stops at each location every 9 minutes.

Paid lot options –  Limited pay to park spaces will be added to Lot 122a

 “Any valid permit any time” lots near White Creek include lots 113, 110 and 43 (except on home football game days)

After 5 pm, lot 114 becomes “any valid permit any time” (except on home football game days)

Weekend only/no-permit required lots nearby include lots 107, 112, 114 and 119 (except on home football game days)

Game Day Parking options nearby include lots 107, 112, 113 and Fan Field (all require any valid permit); lot 122 is a 12th Man lot, as are other lots 18, 73, 98 and 114

Disabled Parking Spots

There are disabled spaces in 122 a, b and c and in the new small lot planned adjacent to the modular buildings.

What’s the best route to take to get off campus from Lot 122b?

Those turning left on Stotzer/FM 60 should do so from Discovery Drive. The Adriance Lab Road intersection with Stotzer is a right turn only onto Stotzer.